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International Multi-Genre DJ and Online DJ Coach

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The complete DJ Course For Beginners 2024


If you would like to start learning how to DJ this summer, get my DJ course 'The Complete DJ Course For Beginners 2024' for $15.99 down from $109.99. All you need to do is click the button below and the discount will be automatically applied.

Online Courses

Online DJ Courses

The Complete DJ Course
For Beginners 2024

15,412 Students

This course is a full step-by-step guide on how to DJ from start to finish designed for complete beginners. Includes 30 FREE music tracks and 40 guided mix tutorials so that you can mix along in real time with the exact same tracks as I use in the course. To find out more, click the button below to go to the course landing page, where you can see the full description, reviews, introduction video and free sample videos. 

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Udemys No.1 Best Selling DJ Course

4.8 out of 5 stars (2,972 reviews)

Learn To DJ With Just Your Laptop:
No DJ Equipment Needed

Do you want to give DJing a try but don’t have any DJing equipment? If so, then you are in luck! In this course you can learn the basics of DJing just by using your laptop. This is possible because you can use the keys on your keyboard just like you would use the buttons on actual DJ decks. Includes 6 free music tracks so that you can mix along in real time with the exact same tracks as I use in the course. To find out more, click the button below to go to the course landing page, where you can see the full description, reviews, introduction video and free sample videos. 

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4.8 out of 5 stars (176 reviews)
763 Students

Course Reviews

"This course is excellent. It doesn't just show you different mix techniques, but teaches you the simple music theory needed so you know when and where in the songs to use different mixes. The free downloaded tracks are a huge help for a beginner because you can practice the exact same mix that is being taught right along with the lesson. The lessons are very clear and easy to follow. The teacher doesn't touch a single control without telling you exactly why he is doing so. He is quick to reply to DMs and is still updating and adding new content to this course to improve it and add even more value after my initial purchase. Very highly recommended!"

Paul C

February 2023

"Hi Jak, I'm writing this review after completed this course today. It's been a 4 months journey for me to learn and practice in my spare time until finish. I'm glad to have found this course, it's been a very tremendous help and valuable resource to begin my DJing journey. You've provided all the essentials and fundamentals that I won't find anywhere else if I just look randomly for tutorials on the internet. So far, I really enjoyed the course structure, you're a great teacher and I would recommend anyone else to take this course, as it is by far the best course out there for anyone to start in my opinion. Now I'm getting the confidence to take the next step for playing live. Thanks a lot Jak!"


September 2023

"I have spent quite a lot of money on DJ courses. I can 100% say this is the most educational one by a mile, everything is clearly explained and very easy to understand. The most spectacular part of this course is the unique way to add que points with IE, 1P, 2B-V, etc is golden information I am dropping tracks in with this method like a pro, 4 courses previous to this course and I always struggles with vocal on-top of vocal or two melody's clashing. With the visual right there of what your mixing into what else do you need totally mind-blowing. Massive thank you for taking the time to teach correctly,  thanks for the education I've been chasing for 6 months"​

Christopher M

August 2023

"Jak does a great job at explaining it and making it easy to follow. Especially the diagrams explaining the structure of different mixes and the tracks so one can follow what Jak does is great. By far the best DJ course (for beginners I have tried)."

Anton Löwe

April 2023

"Jak Bradley does a phenomenal job demystifying the basics of DJ'ing! I purchased this course back in January 2023. As of this writing, it is March of 2023 and I can honestly say that I went from not knowing anything about beatmatching, to doing basic and intermediate mixing."

Luuk Arc

March 2023

"The course is laid out very well and the examples used are clear and easy to understand. Definitely worth every penny if you want to learn the foundation to get you started djing and feeling confident to further develop your skills. It's a huge bonus that the music used in the examples is provided to you in the course so you can practice exactly what you are being taught. I'm happy I chose this course and would recommend it to anyone A+++"​

Dro S

June 2023

Off The Rack Jack

Hello, my name is Jak and I have been a professional, international DJ for over 10 years. I have DJ’d across the world including places such as Thailand, Greece, France, Australia and the UK. This includes my most recent summer 2023 residencies in Malia, Crete which includes Zig Zag Club, Malia Booze Cruise and Oasis Pool Party.

I have been teaching people how to DJ online since 2018 and the course has been updated in 2023, following lots of student reviews and feedback. 

I was previously under the name DJ Jak Bradley for over 10 years of my DJ career and this year decided to change my DJ name to ‘Off The Rack Jack’. This is so that I can now learn and teach my students how to grow on social media and use social media as a tool to network and show case your skills.


You can follow me at @offtherackjack on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. 

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Watch On YouTube

You can watch my full live DJ sets on Youtube. I have over 20 full live sets waiting for you to watch. Some that have been published and some that are soon to be published. 

Also, I am going to start putting videos out there which will include all of my DJ tutorials, tips, and advice. So, if you want to be part of my YouTube channel you can click the link below to take you there.


I hope you enjoy it!

© Copyright Off The Rack Jack 2023
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