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The Complete DJ Course For Beginners 2023

I hope you are excited to join over 11,072 students and start your very own DJ journey today!

I can tell you are serious about wanting to learn to DJ as you are already taking the right steps by considering this course.

I understand you want to make the right decision about what DJ course to choose, as there are many out there.

I can tell you with confidence, you are in the right place!


I promise you, I have put everything I possibly could into this course to give you the best information and include as much knowledge as I possibly could.


I guarantee that you will be able to do professional DJ mixes by the end of this course, and if not, you have 30 days to get your money back AND you get to keep the 20 free tracks that I give you!


I have DJed for over 10 years, all around the world, and I have included all of my mixing techniques in to this course in a simple and easy way for you to understand and follow along with, so you too can start your own DJ journey!


Don't miss out on this great opportunity and take the first step to becoming a DJ today!


Learn by Doing

Over 20 Free Downloadable Tracks  and over 30 Guided Mix Tutorials.

It may be hard to follow other DJ courses and video tutorials when they are using their own tracks to demonstrate the DJ  techniques with. You may find it hard to relate to the DJ techniques as your tracks may not be the same as the ones in the videos.

This is why in this course, I have included all the same tracks that I use to demonstrate the DJ techniques with to download for free, making it easier for you to mix along and understand the DJ techniques by doing them at the same time with the same tracks. 

For this reason, I have no doubt that by the end of this course you will be able to mix like a pro DJ!


On-Demand Video Lectures

You can pause, rewind and fast-forward as much as you like. Learn at your own pace, in your own time.


Course Layout

I have carefully designed this course to take you step by step though the correct learning process in the most efficient way possible. Learning all the most important skills that you need to become  DJ.


1.  The Structure of Music - Without knowing how music is structured, it is not possible to DJ effectively. This is where we will create the foundation that you need to be able to DJ properly.


2.  Beat Matching & Sync - This is when you get the speeds, and beats, of two tracks in time with each other, so they sound good together for the audience and are ready to mix with.


3.  Basic Mixing Techniques - This is where we will start with the guided mix tutorials and learn the basics of timing and mixing two tracks together.


4.  Intermediate Mixing Techniques - This is where we will introduce using the equalizers and filter dials to mix with. We will also explore different parts of the track to mix with, not just the beginning and ends of the tracks, but also the middle sections too.


5.   Advanced Mixing Techniques - This is where we will introduce the how to use the hot cues, loops and FX to mix with. This is when we can get a lot more creative with our tracks and mix them in a more unique way.


6. Final DJ Routine - This is where we are going to put together a fast paced, high energy, DJ routine that consists of mixing 8 different tracks together in order, one after another, just like you would do if you were recording a DJ set for online, or DJing live. The DJ routine that we are going to do, is going to include a lot of the DJ techniques that we have covered in the course. Once you have learnt this DJ routine and can perform it well, you will definitely have the skills and knowledge to be capable of putting together your own DJ routine, and even to DJ live to an audience


7.  Extra: Hip Hop and R&B Mixing Techniques - This is where we will earn the DJ techniques that are specific to mixing Hip Hop and R&B tracks. This section also includes how to mix 2 tracks that are at different speeds and different BPM's. This section is an extra section added to the course at a later date, therefore I am unable to give these tracks away for free as part of the course, however, as you will see in the course, the DJ techniques you will learn to mix Hip Hop and R&B will work on most Hip Hop and R&B tracks, so it is not necessary for you to have the same tracks as I use in the course, you will still learn how to DJ Hip Hop and R&B tracks effectively by watching these mix tutorials and following along with your own tracks.


Written Articles:

I have also included some extra written articles to help you once you have mastered the DJ techniques. These include:

Finding Music To Play - In this section I show you my best practices for finding music and keeping up to date.

DJ Equipment - In this section I tell you my recommended equioment when DJing and give my reasons why.

Building Your Brand - In this section I go though my best practices for building a DJ brand, including things such as, coming up with a DJ name, designing a DJ logo, and putting your mixes online.


This proven system is perfect for any beginner who is serious about becoming a DJ.


"This course is excellent. It doesn't just show you different mix techniques, but teaches you the simple music theory needed so you know when and where in the songs to use different mixes. The free downloaded tracks are a huge help for a beginner because you can practice the exact same mix that is being taught right along with the lesson. The lessons are very clear and easy to follow. The teacher doesn't touch a single control without telling you exactly why he is doing so. He is quick to reply to DMs and is still updating and adding new content to this course to improve it and add even more value after my initial purchase. Very highly recommended!"

Paul C

February 2023

"Hi Jak, I'm writing this review after completed this course today. It's been a 4 months journey for me to learn and practice in my spare time until finish. I'm glad to have found this course, it's been a very tremendous help and valuable resource to begin my DJing journey. You've provided all the essentials and fundamentals that I won't find anywhere else if I just look randomly for tutorials on the internet. So far, I really enjoyed the course structure, you're a great teacher and I would recommend anyone else to take this course, as it is by far the best course out there for anyone to start in my opinion. Now I'm getting the confidence to take the next step for playing live. Thanks a lot Jak!”


September 2023

"I have spent quite a lot of money on DJ courses. I can 100% say this is the most educational one by a mile, everything is clearly explained and very easy to understand. The most spectacular part of this course is the unique way to add que points with IE, 1P, 2B-V, etc is golden information I am dropping tracks in with this method like a pro, 4 courses previous to this course and I always struggles with vocal on-top of vocal or two melody's clashing. With the visual right there of what your mixing into what else do you need totally mind-blowing. Massive thank you for taking the time to teach correctly,  thanks for the education I've been chasing for 6 months”

Christopher M

August 2023

"Would give 6 stars if I could!! Since completing this course I've done others to supplement my learning and none have been as easy to follow and useful as this one! I'm so glad I did this course first as others seem to be both too simplistic and overcomplicated at the same time. This course gets the balance right, teaching you exactly what you need to know to understand how to be able to mix effectively without getting too overcomplicated or confusing. I've also been able to apply the knowledge to multiple genres of music so it's all round winner! Would say to anyone interested in learning to DJ to do this course first!"

Tess W

February 2023

"Jak does a great job at explaining it and making it easy to follow. Especially the diagrams explaining the structure of different mixes and the tracks so one can follow what Jak does is great. By far the best DJ course (for beginners I have tried).”

Anton Löwe

April 2023

"The course is laid out very well and the examples used are clear and easy to understand. Definitely worth every penny if you want to learn the foundation to get you started djing and feeling confident to further develop your skills. It's a huge bonus that the music used in the examples is provided to you in the course so you can practice exactly what you are being taught. I'm happy I chose this course and would recommend it to anyone A+++”

Dro S

June 2023

"I find this a very detailed, informative, carefully prepared course for complete beginners like myself. Thank you Jak for taking a large amount of time (i'm sure) to make this course. I can recommend highly to any beginners looking to learn DJ from scratch."

Viet P

November 2023

"Jak Bradley does a phenomenal job demystifying the basics of DJ'ing! I purchased this course back in January 2023. As of this writing, it is March of 2023 and I can honestly say that I went from not knowing anything about beatmatching, to doing basic and intermediate mixing.”

Luuk Arc

March 2023

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