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Learn To DJ With Just Your Laptop:
No DJ Equipment Needed

Do you want to give DJing a try but don’t have any DJing equipment?

If so, then you are in luck! This is the perfect DJ course for you!

In this course you can learn the basics of DJing just by using your laptop.


This is possible because you can use the keys on your keyboard just like you would use the buttons on actual DJ decks.


You don’t need any fancy DJ equipment to be able to do your first DJ mix. You just need to be able to do 3 things:


  • Start the track

  • Stop the track

  • And move the volume fader from one side to the other


Thats it.


The key to doing your first DJ mix is all about timing and understanding how music is structured.


And in this course, that is exactly what you are going to learn.


By the end of this course:


  • You will know what the different sections of a dance track are and how to identify them

  • You will know how to time two tracks together perfectly when DJing

  • You will know how to mix smoothly between two tracks by using the crossfader

  • And you will be able to put it all together and perform a short, professional sounding, DJ routine using the 4 tracks that are included with the course


You don’t need any prior DJ knowledge to do this course.


All you need is just a laptop and a keen interest in DJing.


All the tracks that are used in this course are also included for you to download, for free, in the course resources.


This means that you can follow along with the course, step-by-step, in real time, and learn the exact same DJ mixes as I do in the course.


The DJ routine you will be learning is demonstrated to you in the free video in this page, so feel free to watch that video next, and see the exact DJ routine that you will be learning in this course.


In this course, you are not just going to learn how to mix these tracks together and then that is it, with no explanations to how DJing actually works beyond these tracks.


This DJ course is much more than that.


Even though you do not need any DJ equipment, you will still learn the key fundamentals and principles of DJing.


You will be able to fully understand at a basic level, how DJing works, and you will be able to understand how it is possible to mix 2 tracks together, and make it sound good to the audience.


This is so that, if you did want to continue to practice DJing after this course, you will have the tools and knowledge to do so.


You will learn all about how tracks are structured, and you will learn at what point you should mix in, and out, of your tracks when DJing, so you get perfectly timed mixes, every time.


If you are interested in learning to DJ and have not yet decided if you want to take the plunge and buy some DJ equipment, or if you are just generally interested in how DJing works, this is the perfect course for you.


The DJ software is free, all the tracks are also included for free, all you need is your laptop and an interest in wanting to learn how to DJ.


Thats all there is to it.


All you need to do is follow the detailed instructions in this course, and by the end of it, you will be putting together your own first, professional sounding DJ routine.


"Very useful, understandable, easy to follow. I am so happy to find this course! Thank you for creating it! :)"

Eszter W

November 2023

"This course has been the best one so far. I honestly love the way he explains the concepts and demonstrates it. Good Job on making this course"

Ritvik M

April 2023

"I love how effectively he explains how to set everything up and each button's purpose. very easy to follow and I know a lot more now than I did at the beginning."

Caitlyn F

June 2023

"Very good course. Wish I had a Dj controller to buy the complete dj course too!!"

Panayiotis Y

March 2023

“This is possibly the best course out there for a beginner Dj, as the title suggests. I think it is really important to learn to DJ using dj software before using the controller. It is because using software and controller at the same time could be overwhelming. And that is why I think this course is the best course out there for anyone who wants to learn djing. Aside from that, I have personally done a lot of research on many dj software out there, as well as the controllers. And I %100 agree with everything Jak goes over in this course. I was personally wasn't clear on whether Rekordbox is the best choice or Serato. Now that's been clarified for me. I was also wasn't quite sure what headphones are the best. Now I understand why many djs use on ear headphones. All in all what I really like about this course is how Jak has simplified djing, and has demystified quite a few topics that confuses every aspiring and beginner dj. I absolutely recommend this course to all the beginner to intermediate djs out there. You'll be glad you took this course.”


November 2023

“I am so glad I found this course! It is exactly what I needed to get my feet wet and find out if I am interested in learning to DJ prior to buying actual DJ equipment. Jak is the perfect teacher in that he goes slowly and explains everything he is doing and why he is doing it. His delivery is also very good. I found his voice easy to listen to which is actually a big deal to me when taking an online course. I already purchased Jak's full DJ course and will begin going through it once I get my Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 next month. I will say that by the end, I had a good grasp of the basics of DJing with a laptop, but I am already running into snags trying my own mixes since a lot of the tracks I am wanting to use don't follow the same formula presented in this course, but I am assuming that the full DJ course will go over advanced EQ mixing techniques that will allow me to better mix tracks with more complicated arrangements. Highly recommend this course if you want to test the waters and see if DJing is for you!”

Joshua J

December 2023

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